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    We are the Houston area Live-In Specialists. Our caregivers are experienced and trained in round-the-clock care. Clients and their families can have peace of mind with live-in caregivers that monitor safety, attend to any immediate or daily needs and provide companionship.

    We are proud to serve the home care needs of North Houston, Kingwood, Montgomery County, The Woodlands, Humble and surrounding areas. Our office is open Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm. We have an administrator on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide superior service at (281)-292-2928.

Positive Effects of Meditation

A mind is a terrible thing to waste and as we age it becomes easier to do so.  If we stop stimulating our minds, older adults become susceptible to several diseases such as Alzheimer’s, or other disorders, like ADHD. However, there is a way to keep our minds stimulated in pursuit of healthy longevity: “a brain … Continue reading

Fish May Help Protect Against Alzheimer’s!

A new study has shown that people who eat at least one half serving of fish a day, one to four times a week, have a lower risk of Alzheimer’s and larger brains in general. Fried fish did not show the same results; baked or broiled fish was the only one showing a capability of … Continue reading

Depression or Alzheimer’s?

Aging adults are at a higher risk for both Alzheimer’s and depression. Some of the symptoms of these two mirror each other closely, and it’s difficult to tell exactly what’s wrong. There are a few tips for telling the two diseases apart. Depressed adults often have trouble concentrating and focusing on the tasks in front … Continue reading

Weight Loss: An Early Sign of Alzheimer’s?

A recent study suggests that an early warning sign of Alzheimer’s could be weight loss. Underweight seniors are far more likely to be exhibiting other early warning sings of the disease. This isn’t the first connection between weight and Alzheimer’s; earlier studies have shown that those who are overweight to obese when middle-aged are far … Continue reading

Consistent Exercise Prevents Muscle Loss As We Age

As we age, our bodies become more frail and we begin to lose muscle tissue.  Some “studies have [even] found that as [we] age, [we] not only lose muscle, but the tissue that remains can become infiltrated with fat, degrading its quality and reducing its strength.” So what can we do to prevent this? A … Continue reading

Increase in Fiber Intake Helps Prevent Colorectal Cancer, Study Shows

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in America.  The lifetime risk of developing this type of cancer is roughly 1 in 20, according to the American Cancer Society. A recent compilation of previous studies shows that a diet high in fiber is indicative of a reduced risk of colorectal cancer.  The researchers … Continue reading

National Home Care and Hospice Month!

Home care services ensure seniors can age in place in the comfort of home. Seniors can maintain their independence while staying safe with the assistance of a caregiver. In recognition of National Home Care and Hospice Month, we would like to share several ways that you can celebrate this month in your local community: •    … Continue reading

10 Things Baby Boomers Won’t Say

As the Baby Boomer generation ages, it’s important to start planning for the future.  Whether this is determining they need to start receiving home care services or even that they would prefer to live in an assisted living or independent living facility, a plan needs to be created.  This is a generation that has collectively … Continue reading

Healthy Twist on Holiday Classic Pumpkin Pie

_ Holiday season is right around the corner which means get-togethers with family and loved ones, fires, cold weather and delicious holiday feasts that are not very forgiving when it comes to one’s waistline. According to a New York Times article, individuals who were surveyed said they gain, on average, around five pounds between Thanksgiving … Continue reading

Caregivers: Protect Your Health!

Many are aware of the debilitating effects Alzheimer’s, but what about the health of those caring for a loved one with this disease?  “After learning of a loved one’s diagnosis, family members can sometimes become so focused on their loved ones’ everyday needs that they overlook their own physical and mental health.”  So how can … Continue reading


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